Doll in giraffe outfit

While I’m working on a crocheted piece or design, sometimes I come across with an other thing I could make, for example a cute amigurumi figure I cannot resist temptation to start to crochet immediately. 😊 This happened with this doll in giraffe outfit I found here: It was easy to crochet, and I’m… Continue reading Doll in giraffe outfit

Amigurumi, Home Decor

Cloud pillow

After the stars, the moon and the heart shaped pillows, I made a cloud pillow as well. 😊 I reworked the pattern of the clouds I made for the hot air balloon wall hanger, enlarged it and made a few changes to be suitable for the yarn I used for the pillow. Size: it’s… Continue reading Cloud pillow

Amigurumi, Home Decor

Heart pillow

Just one more pillow to show: a heart-shaped one! I crocheted this using the pattern from here: Actually I used the same yarn (Himalaya Dolphin Baby (100 polyester; 100g - 120mt/131 yds; hook size 4.5 mm)) as for my other pillows, and a 4.5 mm crochet hook. I love it! 😊 Cheers, Judit

Amigurumi, Home Decor

Moon pillow

A few months ago I posted on crocheted star pillows I made; today I finished the pattern for the Moon pillow as well. 😊 It’s actually much easier than the stars, and can be done pretty fast. I used the same yarn, Himalaya Dolphin Baby, as for the stars, and a 4.5 mm crochet… Continue reading Moon pillow

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‘Dreamcatcher’ purse and scarf

I crocheted a ‘dreamcather’ pillow a few months ago, and I still love that pattern so much, I decided to try that technique in a straight version, not in a round form. I decided to make a small crocheted purse using that pattern, still worked in rounds, but making that straight. Here is my pillow:… Continue reading ‘Dreamcatcher’ purse and scarf

Amigurumi, Home Decor

Hot air balloons in the clouds

A few months ago we made papier-mache balloons with the kids: That time I decided that I will crochet balloons... and I finished them today! I made 6 finally, all using the same pattern (see below), but with slight changes and different colours to make them attractive.😊 I saw similar hot air balloons on… Continue reading Hot air balloons in the clouds