Crochet, Other

‘Dreamcatcher’ purse and scarf

I crocheted a ‘dreamcather’ pillow a few months ago, and I still love that pattern so much, I decided to try that technique in a straight version, not in a round form. I decided to make a small crocheted purse using that pattern, still worked in rounds, but making that straight. Here is my pillow:… Continue reading ‘Dreamcatcher’ purse and scarf

Amigurumi, Other

Octopuses for Preemies

I just read an article that today, November 17, is the World Prematurity Day, created to raise awareness every year for children who are born prematurely, their families, and all those who support them in any way. Therefore I decided that today I write about an initiative I joined a few years ago as… Continue reading Octopuses for Preemies

Papier Mache

Papier mache balloons

For a long time I wanted to try out this technique and learn how to do papier mache, and today I finished my first project!😊 We made hot air balloons with the kids, using the description found here: As I did not have that type of glue at home, I cooked a paste from… Continue reading Papier mache balloons