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‘Dreamcatcher’ purse and scarf

I crocheted a ‘dreamcather’ pillow a few months ago, and I still love that pattern so much, I decided to try that technique in a straight version, not in a round form. I decided to make a small crocheted purse using that pattern, still worked in rounds, but making that straight.

Here is my pillow:

and the purses:

The pink one is my daughter’s favourite, she uses it to store her treasures.😊 Their size is approximately 10 x 25 cm. I used the same white and color-changing yarn as for the pillow, and a 3 mm crochet hook.

Then I thought they could be used as scarfs if remained opened…😊 So I made 2 scarfs as well, using fury yarn to make them softer.

A short description of how I made them:

Stitches used and abbreviations (US terms)

  • slst: slip stitch
  • sc: single crochet
  • hdc: half double crochet
  • dc: double crochet
  • ch: chain


To start, ch 121, join to form a ring, work in rounds (end rounds with an slst, and ch 2 or 3 to start the new round). Work with the 2 yarns in parallel, from top to bottom, fasten off only when finished.

R1 (white): 120 sc

R2 (coloured): 120 dc

R3 (white): sc to first dc, skip 4 stitches, ch 6, (sc to next stitch, skip 4 stitches, ch 6) around. Instead of last ch 6, ch 3 and make a dc to the first sc.

R4 (coloured): 120 dc (use the stitches of R2 – use those stitches as well that have a white sc already, and work behind the chains, but let white yarn behind.

R5 (white): ch 2, insert hook to the next chain loop, sc to the 3rd dc (middle dc in the group of 5), skip 4 stitches, ch 6. Instead of last ch 6, ch 3 and make a dc to the first sc.

R6 (coloured): same as R4, use the previous coloured round.

R7 – R24: repeat R5 and R6.

Fasten off white yarn, fold the work and sew the bottom with the coloured yarn.

To finish, I sewed a simple purse and manually sewed it to the crocheted piece.


The same. 😊 Only difference is that there’s no need to sew together.



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