Hug the rainbow

While I am working on something, just crochet or trying to make a new design, many cases I find something so cute that I want to crochet right away…. 😊 In such cases I stop what I’m doing, and start something new… that is not really good, but in some cases it helps to find out how to continue with something I was blocked with, or postponed waiting for a solution. 😊

This happened last week as well when I found this really cute rainbow pillow from the Cookie Snob page here:

I first made one using Alize Cotton Gold yarn with a 3 mm crochet hook. My rainbow plushy at the end was cca. 18 cm width, but I wanted to have a bigger one.😊 So I tried Himalaya Dolphin Baby (I so much like this type of yarn now) with a 4.5 mm hook, and so my second rainbow reached 36 cm! 😊



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