Papier Mache

Papier mache balloons

For a long time I wanted to try out this technique and learn how to do papier mache, and today I finished my first project!😊

We made hot air balloons with the kids, using the description found here:

As I did not have that type of glue at home, I cooked a paste from flour as decribed on that page as well. That worked perfectly. We made 6-7 layers instead of 3 to have the balloons a bit stronger as I thought the boys might want to play with them… so it took some days to finish as we let the papier mache dry after 2-3 layers. And though we loved working on them, to make more than 2-3 layers at one time could have been actually tiring and a bit boring as well…😊

Once the papier maches dried completely, the boys painted them. In the meantime I crocheted baskets and attached them to the balloons. On the page I linked above you may find a good and detailed description on how to make a hot air balloons too:

There they used a papier cup for the basket, but I wanted to have crocheted ones. 😊

Finally we put passengers in the baskets as well.😊

Cheers, Judit

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