Preparation for school costume party

This year my son asked for a dr Strange costume that he wanted to wear at the yearly costume party in the school. First I thought it will be a too big challenge, but then could put something together and my son loved it:

He had a pair of blue trousers already to that I bought a blue shirt that he could wear hopefully in the future as well. For the belt I set 3 of my husband’s old leather belts together he did not use for a while (and was happy that I kept them – good instance why it worth to keep old things I tend to do 😊). For the cloak I found a vampire costume cloak that was actually black, but red inside… so we turned it out and was ok.😊

To be honest I was not dealing with the gloves and all the different accessories, but what my son wanted by all means were the ‘Eye of Agamotto’ necklace and the magic circle discs and bracelets (I’m not 100% sure about the exact names or functions of them sorry) dr Strange has…

On this site I found a very detailed description for making such a costume:


and also watched many videos available on the net… then decided I’ll try to make the necklace from air-dry clay. When finished, I painted it with acrylic paint:

but forgot to add the band for the necklace… so I had to glue it afterwards, but the end result is quite recognizable 😊:

The “magic circles” I painted on transparent foil sheets, cut out, glued thin stripes onto both sides to frame them that I cut out from a yellow foam sheet.

These are as well far not perfect, but my son loved them and was really happy.😊 I found so many fancy costumes and accessories on other blogs, but I was also so happy that I could finish these that I need to share them. 😊

Having all this finished, my daughter told me that her selection is Elza from Frozen, so she needs an ‘Elza hair’, and a lot of snowflakes. 😊

I found a good pattern for an Elza hat here I could crochet:


With a few changes I made that hat, customized to my daughter’s needs with lots of snowflakes added (cut out from white glitter foam sheets):

Then my younger son … 😊 actually he wanted to wear his brother’s Spiderman costume from last year, but said next time he’d select something challenging for me.😊



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