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Rings bracelet

Last year I saw beautiful crocheted jewelleries in a market where you could buy handmade products. Those I liked the best were bracelets made by rings crocheted around. They are easy to make, and with this technique many different designs can be made by varying the colors, the number of the rings, or their size.

Here are my first bracelets made, but I’m sure I’ll make other types, maybe earrings or necklaces as well.

Exact crochet pattern I cannot give, but here is the description how I made the bracelets that can be adjusted depending the design, the size of the bracelet or the rings and yarn to be used.

For this project I used yarn “Camellia” from YarnArt. I selected this yarn as it’s quite thin and sparkling (70% polyester, 30% metallic; 190 m/20 g), a crochet hook size 1.75 mm, and plastic rings (diameter size 10.5 mm).

Start to crochet around the first circle with single crochet stitches till half of the circle is covered (I made 15 stitches). When done, take the second ring, and do the same. Repeat this step and add more rings until you reach the desired length of the bracelet. I needed 9 rings.

When crocheting the last circle, do not stop at halfway, but continue and make the other half too, to cover the whole circle around. (I made 30 sc stitches, and now reached the previous circle.)

Make an slst between the two circles, then continue crocheting around the next circle. Continue this way till you reach the point where started (making an slst between the circles, and the same amount of single crochets to the second halves of the circles).

You may stop at this point, or continue with further rows, that may be added depending on the width of the bracelet you want to create. I made two rows.

Start the second row with the first circle, make 7 (one quarter of the circle), then remove hook from the loop, insert hook from back to front through the stitch in the middle of the last circle of the previous row, place dropped loop on hook and pull through, see pictures below.

Then continue crocheting around the circle till you reach the half of it (I made 8 single crochet stitches), then continue with a new circle and add it the same way.

When finished with adding the circles in the second row, make the second halves of them as made in the first row.

When finished, attach a clasp to the bracelet, I used a brass magnetic slide lock used for multistrand jewellery, simply attached to the rings with the yarn ends.

And they are finished now! 😊

Cheers, Judit

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