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Hot air balloons in the clouds

A few months ago we made papier-mache balloons with the kids: That time I decided that I will crochet balloons... and I finished them today! I made 6 finally, all using the same pattern (see below), but with slight changes and different colours to make them attractive.๐Ÿ˜Š I saw similar hot air balloons on… Continue reading Hot air balloons in the clouds


Happy New Year!

We celebrated New Yearโ€™s Eve at home with the kids this year, we played a lot with board games, cards, puzzles, made cakes, and listened to music... and also played with our new hand drums we made together! ๐Ÿ˜Š The instructions are from this blog: Actually I could not make it with balloons as… Continue reading Happy New Year!


Chenille gnomes

As promised in my previous post about christmas gomes, let me share here my gnomeโ€™s pattern. As I wanted to make a bigger one than those I made in the above collection, I used a thicker yarn, and a 4,5 mm crochet hook. First I made one using similar colours as the previous ones… Continue reading Chenille gnomes


Deer Rudolf

Just an other cute amigurumi from page Amigurumi Today I just finished: Last week when I made the baby penguin from this page, I saw this pattern as well I decided to make immediately. ๐Ÿ˜Š Attaching the legs to the body was a bit tricky, this way the legs are moveable, so I became… Continue reading Deer Rudolf

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Octopuses for Preemies

I just read an article that today, November 17, is the World Prematurity Day, created to raise awareness every year for children who are born prematurely, their families, and all those who support them in any way. Therefore I decided that today I write about an initiative I joined a few years ago as… Continue reading Octopuses for Preemies