Baby penguin

I found this cute penguin at page Amigurumi today a couple of days ago, and though I was in the middle of an other crocheting project, I loved this so much that I wanted to make it immediately, and today it’s finished:

Here is the link to the pattern:

I used a 4 mm crochet hook and 100 acrlic yarn called “Laura” (100g/200m). The finished toy is approximately 20 cm high.

I loved the pattern also, it’s easy to follow, worked perfectly, and since little sewing was needed, the penguin was almost ready when I finished the crocheting part. Amost all smaller parts (wings, tail, and legs) are to be crocheted first, and then attached to the body while crocheting it. This way no additional sewing required at the end, and that’s great as I do not really like that step while making amigurumis… 😊

Cheers, Judit

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