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Playing with fancy yarns

Crocheted round rug

After crocheting the hairy pillows I wrote about here, I found that I still had some fancy yarns remaining. As I wanted to crochet a round rug for a long time, I decided to use them and make one now.

Here is the finished piece.

It was fun working on this, watching how the different yarn types behave, but (as I used some leftovers) I had to count a lot in the meantime if I have enough yarn left to complete a whole round. In a few cases I had to rework one or two rounds because of that… but still found it relaxing as the pattern was really easy.

It happened to me many times that while working on something I liked how it looked, but at the end I was not sure… With this rug I felt the same… so I think now that it is not beautiful, not a masterpiece at all…:-) but I liked crocheting it, and still want to show it here as I’m so proud now that I could finish it. 😊

A short pattern description

I used 6 mm crochet hook, and varied the yarns to have approximately the same width (for some rounds I used 2 or 3 threads holding them together.

Then made 24 rounds, using double crochet stitches:

R1: 12 dc to the ring formed (12 dc)

R2: dc inc around (24 dc)

R3: (dc inc, dc) around (36 dc)

R4: (dc inc, 2 dc) around (48 dc)

R5: (dc inc, 3 dc) around (60 dc)




R24: (dc inc, 22 dc) around (288 dc)

Then made a second circle (in black) in the same size to get the bottom of the rug, and sewed them together with single crochet stitches.



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