Soft and fluffy

Crocheted round pillows using fancy yans

Last week I decided to sew pillows and use some of my remaining fancy yarns to crochet a cover for them.

Working with such hairy yans like these are not easy. Maybe crocheting this case is even more difficult than knitting. I could not see the stitches at all, neither could follow how many rounds I made already, so I could rather palp the stitches than see them. To make the work easier a bit, I used another yarn too (that is thin, and matches the color) and crocheted the pillows holding two threads together.

To sew the pillow, I cut out two circles first, using a wooden clock base I found as a good template (diameter is 40 cm).

I sewed them around with zigzag stitches, then placed them good sides facing and pinned them together. 

Then I sewed the pieces together leaving a small opening to be able to turn it out.

At last, I stuffed it with poly-fill I had from a big old pillow I re-used for this project, and then sewed together the opening to finish.

To crochet the cover, I used a very simple pattern:

Yarn: different leftover fancy yarns

Hook size: different (3,5 mm for the striped, 6 mm for the blue, 8 mm for the purple pillow)

Size: diameter cca 40 cm

Stitches used and abbreviations:

  • slst: slip stitch
  • dc: double crochet
  • dc inc: double crochet increase – make 2dc’s in the same stitch

Pattern instructions

I simply crocheted two circles, then sewed them together (not to forget to insert the finished pillow halfway). To crochet the circles, work in rounds, join with a slip stitch to first stitch at the end of each round, and chain 2 to start next round.

Chain 3, slst to first stitch to form a ring, ch 2. (Magic ring did not work for me with these yarns, could not close up the hole at all.)

R1: 12 dc into the ring formed (12 dc)

R2: dc inc around (24 dc)

R3: (dc inc, dc) around (36 dc)

R4: (dc inc, 2 dc) around (48 dc)

R5: (dc inc, 3 dc) around (60 dc)

R6: (dc inc, 4 dc) around (72 dc)

R7: (dc inc, 5 dc) around (84 dc)

R8: (dc inc, 6 dc) around (96 dc)

I continued this pattern till I reached the desired size. For the purple pillow 8rounds were enough.

After finishing the circle, I noticed that the wrong side of the piece is much more hairy than the right side, so I decided to use that and sewed the pieces wrong side out.:-)



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