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Dreamcather again – now crocheted

While I was making my first deamcather, I obviously decided that I need to crochet one as well. 😊 I wanted a crochet pattern that results – as much as possible – the same look as the “wowen” dreamcathers. After a few tries I ended up with this one that I’m quite satisfied with… here is the finished piece:

I used a thin white yarn with 2 mm crochet hook, and an embroidery hoop (diameter 30 cm). Worked in rounds (continuously, to have the spiral form).

Size: diameter 30 cm

Stitches used and abbreviations:

  • slst: slip stitch
  • ch: chain
  • dc: double crochet

Pattern instructions

R1: 18 dc to magic ring, slst to first dc.

R2: skip this first dc where slst was made, (ch2, sc to next dc) x 17 (till the last dc), ch2, sc to first ch2 space just made in this round. Insert a stitch marker to the last ch2 space.

R3: skip all sc stitches and from now work only to the chain spaces. (ch3, sc) x 17, ch3, and sc to the marked chain space. Remove the marker and place it to the last ch3 space just made.

R4: (ch4, sc) x 17, ch4, and sc to the marked chain space. Remove the marker and place it to the last ch4 space just made.

Continue repeating round 4 till the desired size reached. Add +1 extra chain stitch every round (so the number of the round equals the number of chain stitches to make).

To get the 30 cm size in diameter, I made 15 rows. When finished, with thicker white yarn, I crocheted around the hoop, fixing the inside of the dreamcather at the same time: made 12 sc around the hoop, then one sc to the chain space and the hoop together – then repeat these two steps till the end of the round.

To finish, I added some beads and feathers as well.



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