Crocheted owls

My son asked me to make a green owl... he could use as a lovey at sleep time. 😊 After searching among the patterns available, he selected this one by Svart Huset: So as requested, I made a green one: It’s an easy pattern, could finish in a short time. As my son wanted… Continue reading Crocheted owls

Papier Mache

Papier mache balloons

For a long time I wanted to try out this technique and learn how to do papier mache, and today I finished my first project!😊 We made hot air balloons with the kids, using the description found here: As I did not have that type of glue at home, I cooked a paste from… Continue reading Papier mache balloons

Pearl Art

Bead ninja

My son loves ninjas, and decided to make them using melted beads. He asked me to search for patterns for that, I found these ones: These are originally cross-stitch patterns, but he could use them perfectly. He worked a lot on them, so when finished, I put his works into picture frames: He has… Continue reading Bead ninja

Other, Pearl Art

Earth day school project

Today we celebrate Earth day worldwide, to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our planet. As part of this initiative, my son’s school announced a competition to their students to think and collect their ideas for how to protect our environment. They were looking for craft projects (drawings, paintings, or any other ideas) children… Continue reading Earth day school project