Monster family


Hi everyone!

After several months of planning and hesitating, I finally start blogging today. This is my first post I ever had, and I’m really excited about it! 🙂

Most of my free time I spend with crafting (mainly crocheting), and I plan to share here my experiences, creations, ideas, and -hopefully very soon- my own designs.

I have currently a lot of diy projects ongoing that I plan to finish and show here, also collected a few works finished earlier that I would like to write about. So I was not sure where to start, but then decided to choose the first toys I made a few years ago when I started crocheting amigurumis.

They are little monsters you can also make really fast, and as the pattern is very simple, it’s a very good choice for beginners as well. It’s available here:

First I made a blue one for my son, then an other one for my younger son… and when my daughter was born, the boys notified me that a pink one is needed as well… 🙂

My kids were happy to play with these monsters. This encouraged me to continue and make more and more amigurumi toys. Before I started writing this post, they told me that the little monsters should have parents also, so first I crocheted a mum and a dad to complete our monster family. 🙂



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